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(go/v3) Export KUBEBUILDER_ASSETS in Makefile

In go/v3 projects, after installing setup-envtest binary, the path to KUBEBUILDER_ASSETS needs to be exported. In Makefile, add the following:

  +# ENVTEST_K8S_VERSION refers to the version of kubebuilder assets to be downloaded by envtest binary.

  test: manifests generate fmt vet envtest ## Run tests.
  - go test ./... -coverprofile cover.out
  + KUBEBUILDER_ASSETS="$(shell $(ENVTEST) use $(ENVTEST_K8S_VERSION) -p path)" go test ./... -coverprofile cover.out

See #4863 for more details.

(go/v3, ansible/v1, helm/v1) Add containerPort protocol field in manifests.

In go/v3, ansible/v1, helm/v1 projects, specify the containerPort protocol in the following files:

  • config/default/manager_auth_proxy_patch.yaml
  • config/rbac/auth_proxy_service.yaml
 - containerPort: 8443
 + protocol: TCP
   name: https

Additionally, in go/v3 projects, add the containerPort protocol to config/webhook/service.yaml:

    - port: 443
    + protocol: TCP
      targetPort: 9443

See #4863 for more details.

(go/v3, ansible/v1, helm/v1) Increase resource limits for controller manager.

In go/v3, ansible/v1, helm/v1 projects, increase the cpu and memory resource limits to 200m and 100Mi respectively in config/manager/manager.yaml.

    - cpu: 100m
    - memory: 30Mi
    + cpu: 200m
    + memory: 100Mi

See #4863 for more details.

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